Welcome to the Kirkburton Parish Walks website 

The Kirkburton Parish Walks are all between 4 and 6 miles long, and each are set within a village in the parish of Kirkburton, situated between Huddersfield and the Peak District. On each walk you will find a guidestoop, modelled on an old directional post, and depicting some feature of the village. Stop and rest here, and use the stoop to rest your flask of tea.

Each walk features a real historical character from the village to lead the walker around the walk. So join us, get some exercise, have some fun with:

  • Billy Sweep - a chimney sweep from Flockton, called The Billy Sweep Saunter
  • Richard Beaumont - a highwayman from Grange Moor, called Beaumont's Bolt
  • The Higgler - a shrewd tailor from Shepley, called the Higgler Hike
  • Albert Fitton - a corseteer from Shelley, called the Fitton Frolic
  • Molly Mangle - the only lady with a mangle from Thurstonland and Stocksmoor, called Molly Mangle's Meander
  • Rev Cutfield Wardroper - the vicar from Farnley Tyas, called the Wardroper Wander
  • Hester's Haunt - the vicar's wife from Kirkburton, called Hester's Haunt
  • PC Dibb - the policeman from Highburton, called the PC Dibb Dash
  • Lizzie Drake - the lovely, but tragic little girl from Kirkheaton, called Lizzie's Lollop
  • Mary-Ann Jessop - the firework maker from Lepton, called Jessop's JauntWe hope we have engaged you, we want children and adults to enjoy the walks, and to discover all the delights of the countryside!!

The Countryside Code: Remember all the badgers, mice, foxes, birds, little creatures, etc etc who live in the countryside, it is their home, so treat as you would your own home, with care and respect. Click here for the Countryside Code.

Walkers are Welcome: We hope to achieve Walkers are Welcome Status in the future, but we need 500 signatures from local people in support of the venture - please sign up using the form, and if you would like to get involved with the Kirkburton Walkers are Welcome group, e-mail: mail@kirkburtonparishwalks.co.uk

Acknowledgements: Malcolm MacDonald, Geof Hickey, John Heward, Robert Barraclough for initiating the parish walk project. Carol Warham for her support. Kath Stewart for her Thurstonland illustrations.
Web Design and Walk Project Management: Michelle Atkinson (Copyright designs)
Sculptor: Dave Bradbury www.bydavebradbury.co.uk
Photography: Ian Lumb
Illustrations: John Mcgregor www.johnmacgregor.co.uk
Storytelling: Ruthie Boycott-Garnet
Graphic design: Dean Meacham (Kirklees Document Solutions)
This project was created in partnership with the following organisations:
EU Commission's rural development Programme: http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/rurdev/index_en.htm
East Peak Innovation Partnership: www.epip.org.uk
Kirkburton Parish Council: www.kbpc.co.uk